League Vision and Goals


To give women, men, and children of all ages the opportunity to participate in a WFTDA sanctioned roller derby league in Monroe County, Indiana.

To provide a professional and safe training environment for skaters of all skill levels.

To prepare a charter team for sanctioned WFTDA play while also focusing on recruiting and training new skaters.

To provide opportunities for all skaters to participate in league growth and game play at different levels of interest and commitment.

To assist in training support staff, such as officials and NSO’s, to serve as knowledgeable and reliable league representatives in any arena of competition.

To serve the community through involvement, volunteering, donations and any other available resources.


BHRG wants to be competitive in the North Central region, using the WFTDA ranking system and subsequently climb up that ladder as a measure of success.

BHRG would like to obtain enough sponsorship money to cover all of the costs of traveling to play bouts.

BHRG would like to play in at least one invitational tournament per season.

BHRG would like to host a series of tournaments, boot camps and other events in an effort to raise money, give players more bouting experience and serve as a derby steward to up-and-coming teams in our area.

BHRG would like to restore the reputation of roller derby as a legitimate sport, worthy of press coverage and reporting scores rather than as an event for the entertainment calendar.