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After an amazing weekend of watching North Central Regionals, the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls are excited to hit the track once more!  While still in our off-season around Bloomington, BHRG’s charter team, the Flatliners, has had the pleasure of being invited to bout against Windy Citys’ B-team, Second Wind, at the UIC Pavilion on Saturday, October 22nd!  This will be part of a double-header bout, with North Central ‘s #1-ranked Windy City All-Stars going up against the Tampa Derby Darlins.

But if that isn’t enough of a treat, the Flatliners will also be scrimmaging against the Windy City All-Stars on Sunday, October 23rd!  As a league, BHRG welcomes such opportunities because we are constantly striving to better ourselves, both physically and strategically, facing up against a nationally-ranked team such as WCR.  (Not to mention the fact that a number of our Bleeding Heartlanders are friends with the WCR ladies personally.)  So while we’ve got our competitive attitudes while bouting, there’s nothing but love and respect for our fellow skaters off the track!!

BHRG is excited for our upcoming Chicago trip, and we hope you are, too!  If you’re in the area, we hope to see you there – otherwise, cheer loud enough so that we can hear you all the way from Bloomington!

Bout info here:


Yes, girls and boys, it’s that magical time of year again – BHRG is having a SKILLS CAMP!!  We want to expand our derby family, skaters and refs alike, so if you’re reading this post that means we want YOU!

Many of our skaters have been recruited through our previous skills camps and that means it can start your derby career, too!  But first, we want to get a couple of common roller derby skills camp myths out of the way:

Skills Camp Myth Public Enemy #1: 

 “I can’t skate / haven’t skated in years, therefore I shouldn’t tryout because I need to know how to skate.”

The Reality:  

Wrong.  Nada.  Bass-ackwards.  All you really need is the following: to know how to fall.  (Take a moment and practice if you need to.)  Got it?  Excellent.

Skills Camp Myth #2:

“I’ve never played sports / been much of an athlete.  I’m not in the right kind of shape to do derby.”

The Reality: 

<See response to first myth> One thing we can’t stress enough – EVERY size and shape is valuable on that derby track and you learn to play to your own strengths and abilities!  That’s just one element of what makes roller derby amazing.  Never been an athlete?  Never to late to start.  And we’ll help you.

 What we bring: 

Extra derby pads and helmets for you to use. Basic skating / proper falling lessons. Loads of encouragement.

 What you bring:

Comfy clothes. A dollar for skate rental. A little bravery.

You’ve got nothing to lose (except a buck) and an incredible amount to gain!  We hope to see you there so save the date and take a chance:

Monday, September 19th

6:30-8:00pm at Western Skateland

930 W. 17th Street

I Am a Rollergirl – BHRG Skills Camp 2011


After over four years of hard work and ceaseless creativity, our dear friend Baldy is moving on to bigger (but definitely not as awesome) things.  This leaves the Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls in a RUSH to fill his shoes and showcase some new Bloomington talent!

Design the BHRG bout poster for our March 5th game against the Burning River Roller Girls and show us what you’ve got!  Our favorite entry will be proudly plastered all over Monroe County and we’ll work to bring you on board as our official graphic designer for 2011.

And what’s in it for you?  We can’t offer money, but we can offer fame.  This is a great opportunity to showcase your talent and to build your portfolio in a unique and exciting world.  The BHRG Designer will get free admission +1 to all home bouts, plus access to other league events.


1.  No more than three poster submissions per entrant.

2.  Please include a little bit about yourself, your work style, and why you want to work with BHRG

3.  The poster must include the following elements:

  • The words “roller derby”
  • Logos for the 2011 season sponsors (found on our sponsors page of this website)
  • Date of Bout – March 5
  • Location of Bout – Twin Lakes Recreation Center
  • Time of Bout:  doors – 5:00, 1st game – 6:00, 2nd game – 7:45
  • Size: 11” x 17” or 12”x18” .pdf in CMYK
  • Design must comply with copyright and trademark laws

4.  What we’re looking for in a designer:

  • Ability to work within tight deadlines
  • Original thought plus willingness to try new ideas
  • Ability to work well with others and receive creative feedback
  • Strong sense of responsibility and dependability
  • Willingness to commit to the position for at least 8 months and create no fewer than 10 original pieces

5.  All submissions due to by JANUARY 14, 2011.

Contact us with any information requests or questions–we’re happy to help point you in the right direction.  Best of luck, and we can’t wait to see our new look!