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Well, for anyone who hasn’t already heard, our skills camp this past Monday was some kind of AMAZING!  We had a record turnout of 44 new skaters and we were absolutely overjoyed at the sight.  This is the beginning of an amazing time for roller derby in our dear Bloomington!

What's up, B-Town?! We got some SKATERS up in here!

But the skills camp was only the start – IT’S NOW TIME FOR BOOT (SKATE?) CAMP!!!

This is the next step on your journey to being part of the BHRG family, so come one, come all!  Here’s the rundown of info:

**5-Week Disorderlies Bootcamp**

Who: This boot camp is for all Disorderlies (our skating newbies)!
What: A 3 day/week training schedule to get YOU ready for league tryouts!!!
How much: $40 plus insurance
Where: Our badass warehouse! (known to most as 1801 N. Curry Pike – NW corner of Curry and Vernal)
When: Start-up day is Sunday 09.25 – 2:00-5:00pm then weekly: Mondays 7:00-9:00pm, Thursdays 7:00-9:00, Saturdays 10:00am-noon
Why: Because BHRG wants YOU!

Training schedule rundown:
- 09.25 Sunday: Intro session with basic skating skills, core fitness, derby 101, and a gear clinic with Rolling Thunder Fun Factory (with a little meet n’ greet to follow, after your first big day)
- Mondays: Learn technical skating skills with BHRG skaters, mini-lessons on the fundamentals of roller derby, and watch league skaters scrimmage while learning how to be a non-skating official (NSO)
- Thursdays: Skating skills
- Saturdays: Core fitness training and skating skills

Any questions / need more info?

Just email


Yes, girls and boys, it’s that magical time of year again – BHRG is having a SKILLS CAMP!!  We want to expand our derby family, skaters and refs alike, so if you’re reading this post that means we want YOU!

Many of our skaters have been recruited through our previous skills camps and that means it can start your derby career, too!  But first, we want to get a couple of common roller derby skills camp myths out of the way:

Skills Camp Myth Public Enemy #1: 

 “I can’t skate / haven’t skated in years, therefore I shouldn’t tryout because I need to know how to skate.”

The Reality:  

Wrong.  Nada.  Bass-ackwards.  All you really need is the following: to know how to fall.  (Take a moment and practice if you need to.)  Got it?  Excellent.

Skills Camp Myth #2:

“I’ve never played sports / been much of an athlete.  I’m not in the right kind of shape to do derby.”

The Reality: 

<See response to first myth> One thing we can’t stress enough – EVERY size and shape is valuable on that derby track and you learn to play to your own strengths and abilities!  That’s just one element of what makes roller derby amazing.  Never been an athlete?  Never to late to start.  And we’ll help you.

 What we bring: 

Extra derby pads and helmets for you to use. Basic skating / proper falling lessons. Loads of encouragement.

 What you bring:

Comfy clothes. A dollar for skate rental. A little bravery.

You’ve got nothing to lose (except a buck) and an incredible amount to gain!  We hope to see you there so save the date and take a chance:

Monday, September 19th

6:30-8:00pm at Western Skateland

930 W. 17th Street

I Am a Rollergirl – BHRG Skills Camp 2011

Hold onto your helmets and prepare yourself for Trauma in the C.R.  On Saturday, September 18th, the BHRG Code Blue Assassins will admit themselves into the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!  Watch carefully for carnage on the flat track as the Code Blue Assassins take on the Cedar Rapids Rollergirls (CRRG)!

We’ve got some blood ties with this particular league, as CRRG was founded in February 2008 by BHRG alum, Motley Cruel!  Even though Motley has moved on, the coaches of the team, AJ Renegade & Kentucky Pain, are sure to have some tricks up their sleeves.

The bout will take place at the U.S. Cellular Center at 7pm on Saturday, September 18th. Tickets are available for $14* through Ticketmaster or $13 at the door.  Plan on taking a drive over to Iowa to give your Code Blue Assassins some vital life support as they face off against the Cedar Rapids Rollergirls!
*Price includes Ticketmaster fees.